Monday, August 14, 2017

Max's Restaurant Offering New Kiddie Party Packages

Birthdays are important milestones in one's life.  

Most of the time, to celebrate this important milestone, we throw a party as a sign of thanksgiving.  We invite family, relatives, and close friends to share this momentous event in one's life.  We wanted this special event to be memorable as possible.  We spend time in preparing for the grand event so that every guests will be happy and satisfied.  Sometimes, we hold our parties at our favorite restaurants because we trust their menu and the quality of service they provide during parties.  We also wanted to save time in thinking of a theme because our favorite restaurants have already prepared a party package so we can have a hassle-free party preparation.

Max's Restaurant, a well-loved Filipino restaurant since 1950s, is popular for their fried chicken.  While Max's Restaurants are more popular venue for christenings, adult birthday and wedding celebrations and corporate events, Max's is now offering kiddie party packages for as low at Php6,150!

There are five (5) themes to choose from: Chickie Boy Party, Carnival, Super Racer, Outer Space, and Princess Palace.  The themes are generic but Max's Restaurant is open for customizations as well.  You can add balloon sticks, giveaways (either a stool or lunch bag), themed cake, and mascot appearance on your chosen package.  Furthermore, parents can add party enhancers such as magicians, balloon decors, face painting, photo video, bubble show, and event styling.  Max's Restaurant has an accredited suppliers' services list on which parents can contact and inquire.

There are three party packages to choose from.  The basic party package is good for 20 people with basic party kit (invitation, party hats, name tags) and game prizes included.  Parents can still add more food if they have more guests.  Check the list below for the menu for each set and the add-on meal prices:

While it's good that Max's Restaurant is open for customizations, some parents would really like to have a hassle-free party!  They want to leave all the preparations to the party team of Max's and they will just arrive at the restaurant and have fun.  The ALL-IN-ONE premium party packages of Max's starts at Php15,000 good for 20 people.

Last August 5, 2017, we had a chance to have a taste of what Max's Kiddie Party is and I'm so glad my son had fun!  Check out the photos that I took during the event:

Kib with Chickie Boy

Max's themed cakes 

Princess Palace theme

Super Racer theme 

Mommy bloggers and kids with Chickie Boy

Max's is indeed a wonderful place to make wonderful memories celebrating our kid's birthday there!  Book a party at the nearest Max's Restaurant near you!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Fil Global Can Fulfill Your Dreams To Study, Work, and Live Abroad

All of us wants to have a better life.  If we have an opportunity to work and live abroad, we will grab the opportunity to do so.  Some people would even loan money or sell their properties just to have enough money to process their application in another country.  While we have heard of bad news about the plight of our fellow Filipinos in another country, we are still in high hopes that we would not have the same fate as theirs.

In the Philippines, there are a lot of placement agencies and consultancy companies which offer assistance to Filipinos who wants to study, work, and live in another country.  Sadly, there are placement agencies and consultancy companies which are not true to their promise of giving a decent job and living conditions to our countrymen.  They are just after the money and once they've deployed the people, they do not care anymore.  Moreover, they do not even have a job to offer and just disappear after they have fooled a lot of people.  So it is very important to check out the company's legitimacy at POEA in deploying Filipinos for work abroad.

Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation (formerly Fil-Global Ltd.) has celebrated its 3rd year anniversary in helping Filipinos to fulfill their dreams in studying, working, and living abroad.  FGISC is a world-class company that started in the Philippines offering immigration and university placement to the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia, among others.  The company is composed of professionals from many different sectors of industry who provide people from all walks of life a stepping stone to achieve their dreams to study, work, and live abroad.

FGISC hosted a Wine and Cheese Immigration Night last August 7, 2017 for its valued members and treasured partners in the industry.  The event also served as a venue for socialization and networking between the guests and its members.

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Mr. Bertch Ian Ranis, Managing Director of FGISC, gladly shared that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has timely granted FGISC the license to operate as a corporation which he considered as the greatest gift to the company on its celebration of their third year in the industry.  With this approval, they are now ready to offer other services such as Fil-Global Immigration, FG Creatives, JVB Travel and Tours, and PTE Academic Centre.

During the event, several partners of FGISC explained the services that they can offer in order to help our fellow Filipinos on their preparation of studying, living, and working abroad:

JVB Travel and Tours, the official travel company of FGISC, provides the best travel itinerary and tour deals both for company members and non-members.  The company also provides variety of services from passport to tourist visa applications and many more.  

PTE Academic Centre, the official English Centre of FGISC, offers various English programs designed to meet the demands of diverse disciplines.  Each program is tailored to the needs of the students who want to acquire specific English communication skills.  

I'm so glad that FGISC is true to their promise of helping Filipinos to study, work, and live abroad.  You can just go to any of their offices near you to schedule an appointment for consultation.  It's free so no need to worry about paying initial fees before they entertain you.  Visit to know their locations around the Philippines.  No need for an appointment, you can just go there anytime during office hours.

If living a life in another country is God's will for you, everything is possible!  He will make a way for you to prepare whatever you need to prepare for this and just continue to trust Him that everything will happen in His perfect time.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Philippine Sports Commission and USANA Joined Forces to Help Elite Filipino Athletes

Philippines join international sports competition to bring pride to our country.  However, the preparation needed to equip our athletes in these sports competition can be costly and it takes long period of time.  Sadly, our government doesn't have that much funds to support all of our athletes, thus, the athletes solicit support from their friends and family and to some companies in the country.

I'm so glad that finally, the partnership between Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) and USANA Health Sciences through its Philippine subsidiary UHS Essential Health Phils. Inc. has been pushed through!

The deal was signed last August 2, 2017 at Philsports Complex in Pasig City in front of the media representatives from different publications and websites by PSC Chairman, William I. Ramirez and Ms. Aurora Gaston, USANA Vice-President for Philippines and Indonesia.  It is a 2-year partnership between two entities, making USANA as the "Official Supplement Provider of PSC".

PSC-PSI Enters 2-Year Partnership with USANA. Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signing ceremonies seal the 2-year partnership between the Philippine Sports Commission-Philippine Sports Institute (PSC-PSI) and UHS Essential Health Phils. Inc. (locally known as USANA). The partnership was formalized by (left to right) Marc Edward Velasco, National Training Director, Philippine Sports Institute; Philippine Sports Commission Chairman, William Ramirez; USANA Vice-President for Philippines and Indonesia, Aurora Mandanas-Gaston; Lerwin Onanad, USANA Field Development Supervisor and was witnessed by  national athletes (standing left to-right) Josephine Medina (Para Table Tennis) and Rubilen Amit (Billiards). 

The partnership will benefit 300 elite national athletes of the Philippines from different fields and will be directly distributed to them throughout the two-year partnership.  The athletes will be given supply of USANA's flagship supplements, namely: Essentials, CoQuinone 30, and Procosa.

USANA-PSC-PSI Ceremonial Turn-Over (left to right): front row – Divine Wally (Wushu); Wilhelmina Lozada (Fencing); Josephine Medina (Para Table Tennis) receiving the USANA products from Lerwin Onanad, USANA Field Development Supervisor; Rubilen Amit (Billiards); Lizbeth Jose, Field Development and Marketing Director, USANA Philippines and Marc Edward Velasco, National Training Director, Philippine Sports Institute. (Back row, left to right): Rick Maano and Cristian Jude Queco (Karate); Eugene Torre (PH Grand Master and National Coach Chess Team); William Ramirez, PSC Chairman; and USANA Vice-President for Philippines and Indonesia, Aurora Mandanas-Gaston.

"The timing of this partnership with USANA could not have been more perfect.  We are in full swing with our preparations for the upcoming international competitions (SEA Games and Tokyo Olympics) and adding USANA's high-quality nutritional supplements to our athletes' health program will help in their training while reaching optimal health as well," PSC Chairman Ramirez said.

Meanwhile, Ms. Gaston expressed her joy that finally, this deal has been finally sealed.  "It is a privilege to work with the PSC-PSI in their goal to get our athletes ready to represent our country in the international sports arena.  We are proud that we are able to provide Filipino athletes the same pharmacy-grade, safe NSF-certified, and World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)-approved nutritional products being enjoyed by world-class athletes.  This partnership is our commitment to the Philippine market who has helped our company become the leader in nutrition here and abroad," said Ms. Gaston.

Ready to answer questions from the press

This is not the first time that the nutritional company has given its support to the Filipino athletes.  Through its Team USANA Pilipinas campaign, over 30 national athletes in the past and until now have received sponsorship from USA, namely, Rio Olympics weightlifting silver medalist Hidilyn Diaz, SEA Games gold medalist Nikko Huelgas, Philippine Azkals top footballer Misagh Bahadoran, Star Hotshots player Peter June Simon, Ginebra San Miguel Beer's LA Tenorio ad former world pool champion Rubilen Amit, to name a few.

USANA has an ongoing advocacy in helping more than 3000 athletes in 20 countries all over the world, and the partnership with PSC is an addition to it.

USANA started working with athletes in 1999 when USANA partnered with US Speed Skating and Speed Skating Canada.  Since then, USANA has provided thousands of elite and professional athletes around the world with high-quality nutritional supplements to help them perform at their best.  These groups include: the Women's Tennis Association, the US Ski and Snowboard Association, members of the Korea Speed Skating Team and National Judo Team, and more.  To know more about this, you may visit Team USANA's website for more information.

The USANA Advantage

As mentioned earlier, the three top products that USANA will distribute to 300 elite Filipino athletes are Essentials, CoQuinone 30 and Procosa.

USANA Essentials--works with the most basic building blocks-at the cellular level-with the right amount of nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants every day to improve our health from the cell up.

CoQuinone 30--all about energy, on the cellular level.  USANA combined alpha-lipoic acid with coenzyme Q10 to create CoQuinone 30, a fantastic supplement of these energy-supporting nutrients.  The benefits associated with these nutrients include sound muscle function, healthy nerve function, and good cardiovascular health.

Procosa--supports optimal joint health and activates the cell's natural ability to protect and renew itself.  The combination of glucosamine and Meriva in the InCelligence Join-Support Complex helps to influence the signaling pathways that proactively promote and optimal immune and inflammatory response to restore normal function after exercise.

Aren't you excited for this partnership? I am!  I do hope that our athletes will gain good health so that they can perform well on international competitions.  Go Philippine Team!

Monday, August 7, 2017

An Adventure-Filled Birthday Celebration of Kib!

It's the time of the year again when we grow a year old--our birthdays.  

Every year, I try to bring Kib to a new place to celebrate his birthday.  This year, we went to four places--Upside Down Museum, National Museum, National Museum of Anthropology, and Rizal Park.

Upside Down Museum

Upside Down Museum is one-of-a-kind museum where you can take crazy photos and create an illusion that you're upside down.  My son and I had fun posing at each exhibit.  The staff were also helpful to assist you in your poses.  It'll be more fun if you go there as a group so that you can create a perfect picture to show to your friends and family on social media.

The Upside Down Museum's concept was taken from Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, and USA.  The one in the Philippines is ten-fold bigger and it has more illusions to expand the experience, all in 1,700 square feet of fun and excitement.  Upside Down Museum has 15 features but they continuously add to the list.  Among these are The Leaning House, Floating Corner, Upside Down House, Mirror House, Giant Sneaker, Giant Headset, The World of Comfort, The Inverted Steel Bridge, etc.

The Upside Down Museum can be found at the Boom na Boom Complex in Pasay City (near World Trade Center) and is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 11AM to 9PM.  Entrance fee is Php450 per person, children under 3 years old are free, and they also give senior citizen discount (25%). 

Check out the pictures that we had at The Upside Down Museum:

National Museum

Our next stop is at National Museum.  It is at the old Senate House along Finance Road near Rizal park.  The first time Kib went there was when he was five years old.  For the past six years a lot of changes has been made and I'm so happy that the interiors now look pleasing!  Good lighting, good temperature, freshly-painted walls--National Museum is something every Filipino should visit.  I'm so glad that everyone can go there FOR FREE, and it's forever, weee!  

National Museum houses precious art and sculptures of renowed Filipinos.  From Juan Luna to Felix Hidalgo Resurreccion, from Vicente Manansala to Fernando Amorsolo--their works are there for us to appreciate.  Even our national hero Jose Rizal has some art works and sculptures exhibited there!  

There are rooms that showcases permanent exhibits and there are rooms that have temporary exhibits.

One good thing is that we can take photos inside, but of course, we cannot touch them, just appreciate them.

Check out the photos that I took at National Museum:

National Museum is open from Tuesdays to Sundays, from 10AM to 5PM.

National Museum of Anthropology

The National Museum of Anthropology is just across National Museum, within the Rizal Park complex.  The old Finance Building was converted into a museum.  It houses the artifacts that tells a story about the richness of the culture and history of the Philippines.  Just like in National Museum, entrance fee is also free!

Check out the pictures we had at National Museum of Anthropology:

I was looking at the skull of the Tabon Man but I guess they are moving it to the National Museum of Natural History, which will open very soon!

Rizal Park

A lot of important historical events happened in Rizal Park (also known as Luneta Park or Bagumbayan in the old times).  Our national hero, Jose Rizal, was shot by a firing squad here, hence, the place was named after him.  The three martyr priests, Mariano Gomez, Jose Burgos, and Jacinto Zamora, collectively known as Gomburza, were also executed here via garrote.

There are lots of things to do at the historical Rizal Park!

Rizal Park has a huge Philippine map when you enter it from Taft Avenue. It also has a children's playground where children can have fun outdoors.  The chess area is still alive, seeing groups of people playing chess on the built-in chessboard on the table.  There's also Japanese and Chinese gardens, where you can just enjoy the scenery and take lovely photos with friends and family.  You can also enjoy listening to live concerts there at the open auditorium.  Learn history by just looking at the busts of our heroes and visiting the execution sites of Gomburza and Jose Rizal.

Of course, your visit in Rizal Park won't be complete without having a 'selfie' with our national hero!

It was indeed a fun learning experience for both of us!  I do encourage families to visit these places because you can learn a lot about our culture and history and at the same time, have fun!