Friday, December 8, 2017

Get that #InstantPampaRelax Feeling from Efficascent Relaxing Oil!

There are not-so perfect days and we need something to save the day.

I would sometimes shout out on social media how stressed I am due to some mishaps at work and at home.  When this happens, next thing that I would feel is a terrible headache. I would just lie on the bed  and take a nap.  I cannot do anything because of this feeling.  There are times that I feel so tired towards the end of the day that I wanted to have an uninterrupted sleep and I need something to help me to have a sound sleep.

Yes, I am a member of #TitasOfManila, hahaha.

Now, I already have different kinds of medical and herbal concoctions beside my bed to help me feel relaxed and relieved from bodily pain and stress.  I consider them as my bedside BFFs, lol.  I have tried different brands but the latest product in the market is the best that I have ever tried so far.

The freshest innovation in instant relief of common physical discomfort has arrived!  The Philippines' leading trusted household brand, Efficascent Oil, has formally introduced its latest offering--the Efficascent Relaxing Oil--as Filipinos' newest and natural partner for "instant pampa-relax".

Efficascent Relaxing Oil is a powerful combination of essential oils such as eucalyptus and peppermint that help calm the body's stressed nerves.  Eucalyptus oil contains expectorant and stimulant properties that allows the head to be cleared of mental exhaustion, while it also increases focus and concentration.  The other active ingredient, peppermint oil, contains cooling effect, pain relieving, and stimulating properties.  It stimulates the mind to eradicate mental fatigue.

When these two ingredients are mixed together in one bottle of Efficascent Relaxing Oil, it gives instant relaxation to the body.  More than the physical benefit, Efficascent Relaxing Oil also cools down rabid emotions, which allows the mind to get into its 'breathing space'.  Thus, making it a perfect partner for 'instant relaxation'.

How to use it?  The Efficascent Relaxing Oil can be applied topically on the temples, and on the wrists, or by inhaling it from the bottle.  It is available in 3ml and 6ml pocket-sized bottles with a roll-on applicator that slides easily on the skin.  It has a spill-proof packaging, making it perfect for daily commuters and constant travelers.

My testimony

After I was given a sample bottle of Efficascent Oil, I immediately put the bottle on my bag for the on-the-go instant relief.  I also have one on my bedside table so that I will feel relaxed whenever I need to do something on my computer and to also help me sleep.  I brought a bottle of Efficascent Oil during our trip in Thailand and the product really helped me in having a good sleep after a long day of going around.  It also helped me to mask the smell of trash and pungent toilets too. This small bottle is really true to its promise on giving 'instant pampa-relax'!

So, head on to your nearest drugstore and supermarkets and stash a bottle of Efficascent Relaxing Oil on your bag or bedside table!  You will also love the product just like I do!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Holiday Preparation Ideas for Mommies

It's that time of the year once again that we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  

They say that Filipinos celebrate Christmas the longest because we already start preparing for this season as early as September.  While there are other holidays before Christmas, we already start having that Christmas vibe as soon as the -ber months start.  We already start to think of gifts to buy for our loved ones, inaanaks, officemates, and friends.  We already start to plan on what to do during the Christmas school break.  We already start plotting the Christmas party schedules on our calendars.  We even start planning for the menu that we will prepare for the Noche Buena and Media Noche.  There are so many things on our holiday to-do list that most of the time, we get overwhelmed by all the things that we need to accomplish so that we will be able to have the most wonderful holiday experience with our family and friends.

Now that we are living in a fast-paced world, there are cases that we do things on the last minute.  I must admit that by just thinking about this coming holidays, I get already get tired, haha.  This year, Christmas is a bit different because my mom is here, weee!  I have already plotted activities for us to also enjoy her short visit and to spend quality time together.

I was able to come up with some hacks that you can also try as you prepare for the coming holidays.  I have been doing this since I became a mom and truly, it made my relationship with my son more special.

1.  Have a Christmas project.  My son and I always wrap gifts together.  He is the one in charge of writing on the gift tags.  In addition to that, my son and I also decorate the house together.  Ever since our Christmas tree broke down years ago, I am 'forced' to think of creative ideas to have that Christmas mood in our home.  This year, I've used old CDs to make a Christmas tree.

Kib painting on gift wrappers

Kib writing on gift tags

2.  Go to Christmas-themed places.  When I was young, my parents would always bring us to Cubao to watch the COD Christmas display and go to theme parks like Star City or Boom na Boom.  I also like to maintain that tradition with my son, so we go to different places around the metro to see different Christmas-themed installations, like the one in Ayala Triangle and Greenhills Shopping Center (however, I just learned that the one in Greenhills Shopping Center is not present this year).  There are still lots of places to see like the Policarpio St. in Mandaluyong City and the Christmas House in Fillinvest, Antipolo.  Going to these places during the holiday season will keep the Christmas spirit alive because you know that you can only see them during Christmas season.

Christmas House in Filinvest East Homes in Cainta

3.  Give gifts to your child's ninongs and ninangs.  Let us teach our children that ninongs and ninangs are like their parents, so it's only appropriate to also give them gifts during Christmas too.  It doesn't need to be expensive; a small token is enough.  Gift-giving should not be a one-way street.

4.  Plan your menu in advance.  Food can be costly during the holidays, so it's better to prepare ahead to time so that you will know what food you can buy in advance.  It'll also save you money for buying these in advance and you will save time queueing for long hours during the holiday season.  You can stock up on food that has longer shelf life on your pantry so that you will also have something to prepare for your guests without rushing to the grocery to buy the ingredients.   

5.  Avoid going on an out-of-town trip.  Yes, you read it right.  While Christmas season is the best time to spend some quality time with your loved ones, other people also think the same thing too!  Local tourist spots can be soooo crowded and the traffic on highways are terrible.  There is also a possibility that your flight schedule will be also delayed.  Hotel rates during this season can also be high.  

Flight delays in Kalibo from our New Year vacation in 2012

Going back to my Tip Number One, apart from having a Christmas project, it's a tradition by most families to decorate their houses for the holidays to really set up the mood.  We put up Christmas trees, Christmas lights, parols, and even play Christmas songs every now and then so that we would really feel the importance of this holiday season in our lives.  Some families even put up a Christmas village if they have enough space at home.  Not only that, some families really dress up their house for Christmas!  Curtains, throw pillows, table cloth, table napkins, plates, etc. all have themes they really spend so much for the Christmas decors.

Our previous Christmas decoration

Speaking of themes, you can use a Christmas-themed kitchen towels to spruce up the holiday feels in your kitchen!

Sanicare, the premier brand in providing hygienic care, always comes up with special Christmas-themed kitchen towels yearly.  In addition, they will also release specially-designed Christmas boxes called Liwanag Christmas Boxes this year.  The boxes were designed by Alex Eduque, the founder of MovEd.  The boxes' designs were centered on the parols and stars because for Alex, the parols are symbolic representation that evoke a notion of promise and unification. It also transcends social classes and lights up all Filipino
homes.  On the other hand, the stars in the boxes' design are a constant reminder that we share the same sky and despite the stark differences and circumstances in all corners of the world, that each one of us has a star shining brightly within.

What makes Sanicare different from other kitchen towel brands is because of its moisture locking technology.  It doesn't easily break when wet and it can absorb excess oil from fried food.  We use Sanicare at home and I can really attest to its absorbency, toughness, and softness.  It is also budget-friendly, you will get your money's worth by not spending so much on hygienic care in your home.

I have good news for you!  Want to win four (4) all-day Dreamplay tickets and lunch buffet at The Cafe at the Hyatt in City of Dreams Manila for your family?  Check out Sanicare's Starry Bright Promo!  Check the mechanics below:

1.  Contestants need to post a creative photo on their respective Facebook accounts featuring the Sanicare Facial Tissue Liwanag Series Box.  

2.  Photo must include a caption that starts with the phrase, “My Christmas is extra bright this year because ____!” and must tag 3 other friends.  Use the hashtags
#SanicareLiwanagSeries #Sanicare #SCPA on their post.  Make sure that the post is set to Public.

3.  Once posted, the contestant must go to the Sanicare PH Facebook promo post and click the link provided in order to submit the entry.

4.  The promo will run from November 22 to January 01, 2018.  Deadline of submission is on January 01 at 6pm.

5.  Winners will be announced on January 15, 2018 on the Sanicare PH Facebook Page.  The grand prize winner will be given four (4) all day passes to Dream Play and Lunch buffet for four (4) at The Café at the Hyatt City of Dreams Manila.  Ten (10) consolation prize winners will also be chosen to each receive a 2,000 peso Sodexo Gift Certificate from Sanicare.

To know more about the promo, please visit the Sanicare PH Facebook Page and Instagram (@sanicare_ph). 

There are still lots of ways to celebrate the holidays!  I just shared with you what I do and it really helped me to have a wonderful holiday with my unico hijo.  What about you, what Christmas traditions do you have with your family?

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Gawang Kamay's DIY Pop-Up Fair at Ayala Marikina and Ayala Feliz This December

Christmas is only few weeks away!  Who's excited for this much-awaited holiday?

There are lots of activities that we can do for this holiday season, and one of the activities that we can do together with our family is....SHOPPING!  In Metro East, two new Ayala malls are opening just in time for the holidays: Ayala Marikina and Ayala Feliz.  Ayala Marikina is located near St. Scholastica Academy and Ayala Feliz is along Marcos Highway in Pasig City.  

One of the activities that these malls will have on the grand opening is to have a pop-up fair which will be spearheaded by Gawang Kamay.

Gawang Kamay is a community collective brand established to support and showcase local artists, crafters, and creative entrepreneurs through events, collaborations, and more.  Gawang Kamay's advocacy is to gather local individuals in different parts of the Philippines to showcase their innate talents through their masterpieces.  It is Gawang Kamay's passion to help these creatives and business owners to grow their market by creating events that will highlight their products and services.

Gawang Kamay has been organizing pop-up fairs and workshops for several months now, and has helped small business and entrepreneurs in making their products known.

DIY Christmas: Holiday Pop-up Fair will showcase hand-made products which can be given as a gift this holiday season.  During the event, there will be live performances by local artists, live art by WeeWillDoodle, exhibit and art installations from different artists and individuals, DIY stations, workshops, handmakers' booths, talks for aspiring and emerging creative entrepreneurs and more!  Truly this event can be a family bonding activity as it'll make your time going to the mall worthwhile.

And oh, if you want to become part of this event by becoming an exhibitor, there are still slots!  You may email or visit their Facebook page for more info.

See you there!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

My Career As An Online ESL Teacher

I guess most people wish to have a homebased job, especially right now that the traffic is getting worse.

I have been working from home for the past ten years.  The decision to work from home is because my father's illness in 2007 (see my blog here).  I have to resign from my day job because I have to do the logistics at home while my father is in the hospital.  I do not want my mother to be stressed in thinking about running the household; I just wanted her to focus on taking care of my father.  In addition, my mom doesn't have the energy to take care of my son anymore and I do not like to hire a nanny for Kib (I've heard a lot of horror stories about nannies).

I'm a licensed teacher by profession.  I've taught in a regular school before doing a homebased job.  Teaching English to foreigners is not new to me; it was my last office job before I decided to work from home.  

To teach English effectively and efficiently, you must have a good running computer, stable internet connection at home, quiet home office environment, and a good working headset with noise cancellation function.  Yes, before you start working from home, you have to invest on the gadgets that you needed to work.  Apart from that, you must have at least six months' equivalent of emergency fund while you are looking for an online job.  

To be an ESL teacher, you must have a good command of English language.  While ESL approach is more direct than teaching English in a classroom, the teacher should be able to explain the use of a particular word or grammar concept to the student.  Being an ESL teacher also requires that the tutor can speak English fluently and with correct pronunciation.  In ESL, the teacher is expected to check the four aspects of English language learning from the student: listening, reading, speaking, and writing.

To apply for a job as an ESL teacher, you must prepare your resume.  Some companies would look for your credentials if you are qualified for the position (teaching experience, teaching license, educational attainment, TESOL certification, etc.).  If you don't have any teaching experience yet, there are some companies who would still accommodate your application to assess if you have a potential to become an ESL teacher.  You will undergo the application process (interview, grammar test, teaching demo).  Once you have passed the application process, the company will already give you an offer.

ESL teaching in a home setting can have various set-ups.  Some companies will require you to have fixed working hours and there are some companies which will give you flexible working hours.  However, some companies expect you to open your schedule at nighttime.  There will be some companies who would also encourage you to open schedules at daytime, but there will be only few students because most of the students are either in school or at work.  You can start teaching as early as 5AM.  Since you will be teaching foreigners, your working hours will be based on the country of origin of the students.  For example, if you will teach Japanese or Koreans, their time zone is one hour ahead of the Philippines.

ESL companies have their lesson materials, but teachers are also expected to do online research as a supplemental material during class.  The teachers are also expected to give constructive criticisms to encourage the student to improve their English skills.  The teachers are also encouraged to show enthusiasm during the class and be also open to listen to the students if they have any special requests.  

Apart from the above-mentioned expectations, the ESL company also implements other rules.  It is expected from a teacher that he/she will be loyal to the company and not to have conflict of interest.  The teacher should also be professional in dealing with students.  While this job offers you a possibility of meeting a prospective girlfriend/boyfriend, the teacher must control himself/herself on not entertaining the idea.

It's fun meeting people from different nationalities and learning their culture.  Students love it when teachers ask them about their way of life because it shows your interest too.

Do you like to teach?  This can be a career for you!