Thursday, March 15, 2018

Bambini Baby Cologne Launches Iya Villania and Son Primo as Brand Ambassadors

We all want to achieve that baby scent, right?!  It gives us a fresh feeling and that "amoy bagong paligo" scent.  Even if our kids are no longer babies, we still wanted them to smell like babies to still remind them that they are our forever babies.

Bambini Baby Cologne is a household brand in terms of baby care.  Some millenials have used Bambini when they were babies.  Now, Bambini Baby Cologne has underwent a brand refresh with a new look guaranteed to appeal the young ones.

The five new scents of Bambini Baby cologne

For Bambini's rebranding, Cosmetique Asia, the maker of Bambini Baby Cologne, has chosen Iya Villania-Arellano together with her son Primo as its newest brand ambassador.  

Iya Villania-Arellano and Primo together with Cosmetique Asia team

Iya and Primo as they are introduced to the public as the newest brand ambassadors of Bambini Baby Cologne

Iya shares her joys being a mom

Tim Chuongco, Cosmetique Asia's Vice President for Sales and Corporate Development, told the story behind Bambini's rebranding.  "We wanted to focus on the playful bond that kids share with their parents.  With Bambini, we make these precious random moments more enjoyable.  It is evident even in our packaging.  We made sure they are attractive enough for children so in choosing what variant to buy, parents and kids get to have fun and interact.  All these while maintaining high quality standard and other requirements most parents are looking for--hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested.  In the near future, we want to launch a complete range of child specific products with a fun loving vibe," said Chuongco.

Mr. Timothy Chuongco of Cosmetique Asia

Inspired by mom-and-child bonding activities and fun elements of nature, the new and improved Bambini Baby Cologne features five new scents: the floral and sweet "Morning Tickles", the calming "Starry Lullaby", the clean and breezy "Ocean Kisses", the cottony fresh "Cotton Cuddles", and Iya and Primo's favorite, the citrusy and fun "Sunny Playtime".

"We love Sunny Playtime, It's just the scent I prefer on Primo, It has a nice, mild, yummy scent that makes Primo nakakagigil even more!  I also love how playful and inviting the packaging is.  We actually have to hide the bottles from Primo because he likes to point to the mom and baby animals on the sticker front, then open the bottle to put some cologne on.  Baka maligo na sa cologne eh," Iya shares.

Iya on Motherhood

Iya admits that she has forgotten how relatively easy her daily routines were before baby Primo arrived.  "I'm not sure how I balance my career with being a mom and a wife; it just happens!" Iya beams with laughter and smile as she shares her experiences being a mom and a wife.

"When you know what's important and what you need to get done, then you make it happen.  It's important that I list things down so I don't forget.  I really need to put things down in my calendar even it its date night with Drew or a playdate for Primo," she further explains.

For Iya, as with all working moms, the greatest challenge is to be there for her child "every moment he does something new or silly" and wanting to be there to witness it.  What makes the story-telling exciting was when Iya revealed that she will have another baby boy very soon!  "Primo doesn't really understand that yet so we're enjoying him as he is for now.  When he starts to get curious with my growing belly, then we'll start explaining," she shares.

Bambini Baby Cologne Family Bootcamp

For a perfect mom-and-baby playtime, Iya and Primo recently joined toddlers and their parents for the official unveiling of the new Bambini Baby Cologne at Glorietta 3 Activity Center last March 10, 2018.  Dubbed as the Bambini Baby Cologne Family Bootcamp, the wonderful kiddie event transformed the venue into a wonderland of fun games and activities for kids, including a ball pit, a bouncy castle, giant puzzle block, and a larger-than-life coloring book, where guests and their children could bond and enjoy the little surprises the activities bring out.

Check out the event photos:

As Bambini relaunches with a new product for babies and kids, it hopes to be a part of every parent and child's small moments and big adventures!  The new Bambini Baby Cologne comes in three sizes--25ml, 50ml and 125ml--and packaged in an easy-to-go grip curvy bottle.  

Enjoy life's little surprises anytime, anywhere!

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Are You a Shopwise Homewise Mom?

Grocery shopping can be a fun activity for the whole family.  You get to decide for what you need on a weekly/monthly basis, learn about nutrition and math, you get to learn about the latest products in the market and if you're lucky enough, you can have a free taste.

One of the questions mommies ask to each other is, "Saan ka naggo-grocery?"  Mommies tend to share notes as to which items are cheap and where you can buy hard-to-find items.  Mommies are also on the look for promos so that they would be able to save money.  

I had a wonderful experience doing grocery shopping during the 19th anniversary of Shopwise last year.  True to their promise, prices at Shopwise are really affordable especially if you are going to buy in bulk.  It's very ideal to do grocery shopping at Shopwise if you have a big family and you're going to prepare for a party because the more that you buy, the bigger discount you can get.      

Shopwise and Mommy Mundo have partnered for the best grocery trip.  Entitled "The Shopwise Home Wise Moms", it aims to provide mommies tips on doing grocery shopping effectively and to teach mommies hacks that they can use at home.

Shopwise Home Wise Moms has two legs:  the first one was held last March 3rd at Shopwise Alabang and the second one was last March 10th at Shopwise Cubao.  Both events featured a cooking demo of new recipes, as well as empowering mom talks about life hacks.  The March 3rd event showcased Adobo Sushi and Ube Crepe prepared by Sabrina Go and the March 10th event Chef Golda Liamzon taught participants how to prepare Pizza Lasagna Rolls, Margherita Lasagna Rolls, and Fresh Fruit Tres Leches Cake.  Blogger Rochelle Rivera also shared some of her household hacks to all the attendees.

Kib with Chef Golda Liamzon

Blogger Rochelle Rivera shares her life hacks to the attendees

To spice up the event, there were games and raffle prizes for the attendees!

Participants on The Price is Right game

Jack N Poy game

Last two women standing at the Jack N Poy game

Shopwise Home Wise Moms is a successful event because all mommies (and daddies) who attended the event went home with full of information on how to manage grocery shopping wisely and how to maximize the use of the grocery items that we buy for our home.  Indeed, Shopwise has been a choice by most moms for their grocery shopping for their big deals and wide array of food selection and non-food items.  Shopwise offers freshness and budget-friendly variety.

For your next grocery trip, head on to the nearest Shopwise near you!

For inquiries and latest promos, you may visit Shopwise Facebook page.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

"Mom, Kill Me"

Yes, you read it right.  This is not a click-bait blogpost.  At first, I just wanted to keep this to myself and resolve it between me and my son, but I guess due to the increasing number of suicide cases, I believe I also have to tell others about my experience so that you may also be aware that no matter how closely you monitor your child, they will still entertain these kinds of thoughts and you might get the shock of your life that one day, they made it into a reality.

I always describe on my blog the kind of relationship I have with my son.  We are inseparable, we always do things together, we go places together.  Now that he is nearing adolescence, his behavior changes.  Sometimes he would tell me that he doesn't want to go out with me anymore and he would voice out his opinions on something as if he is in control which sometimes irks me.  He is now exercising his independence more and more.

Honestly, it's bittersweet for me that I'll have a teenager in few years.  I know that I am raising my son well but at the same time, I am a bit scared of the external influences that he might get when he exercises his independence more and more.

Recently, I observed that Kib is very sensitive when we always pinpoint his misbehavior.  He would have self-pity, blaming himself for bringing misfortunes in our lives and would cry incessantly until he falls asleep.

One day, his lola was teaching him how to clean up our dog's poop and pee.  Kib wasn't doing it properly and his lola got mad at him.  Kib felt bad about it that he said that he wasn't doing anything good for the family.  He asked me to kill him so that I would give him back to the Lord.  I didn't take his request seriously because I know that he only said it because he is hurting.  But after few minutes he went upstairs and wrote something on the paper and took his bottle of multivitamins because he want to overdose himself.

THAT made me worried big time.  He already thought of suicide.  He also has a matching letter with it.  While I know that he won't die taking multivitamins, but I just wondered where he got the idea of taking medicines at higher doses can kill him.

When he already pacified himself, I talked to him about it.  I asked him why he thought of suicide.  I also made him realize the consequences of suicide.  I didn't show anger nor anxiety while talking to him.  I kept my cool and talked to him just like a friend.  I reminded him not to do it again.

I kept the letter but I won't post it here to give my son privacy.  It'll serve as a reminder for me that even if we already talked about it there will come a time that he will entertain that idea again.  I have to always cover my son in prayer so that he will have the power to resist those kinds of thoughts and that he will always rely to God whenever he feels sad.

Parents, may the story of my son be a reminder that no matter how close we are to our children, due to the influence of social media, technology, and other external forces, they will still entertain some negative thoughts and actions that will put them in compromising situations and will shake up their beliefs and principles.  We must always cover them in prayer and always surround them with God-fearing people who will also pray for our children. 

Our children can make their own decisions.  What we can do is to guide them so that they will always do the right thing and to always remind them of God's love and whenever they need to decide on something, they should learn how to seek God's wisdom.

"Lord, continue to shower me with patience, understanding and wisdom as I raise my son, Amen."

Monday, March 5, 2018

On Letting Go

FACT:  it is hard to let go, especially if the things or people really made an impact into our lives and it has been with us for years.  Memories have been built and somehow you've shared good times together.  

People and things come and go into our lives; there are cases that it is easy to let go because of less importance in our lives, but in most cases (I believe), it is hard to release. When it's time to let go, too much hurt has already been inflicted and the process of release is hard and painful.

But is it worth it staying even if it causes you stress and pain?  When do you let go?  Why are you letting go?  Are we just being emotional about asking for a release?  Are we saying this because of just one mistake or repeated mistakes?  Will it hinder you or help you to move on with your life?  These are the questions that needs to be answered before finally making the big decision of letting go.  And we were able to find the answers, make sure that we are ready for the consequences--whether it is good or bad--on our decision of letting go. 

These past few months I've been dealing with a huge amount of stress.  Thank God I do not get sick because of this although I really think and sulk about it very often that I need to shout it out on social media and talk to friends about it.  It is a sort of a therapy for me, haha.  If you know me personally, you know that I'm a person who is not afraid to show my true feelings to others.  Friends have already been telling me to let go.   I've listened to them and asked for a release, but maybe because I'm lingering on the length of time that we'd been together and holding on to the promise that things will improve; therefore, that request for release has not been given.  Somehow I've given a benefit a doubt and more chances to really show that things will get better after pouring out my frustrations and resentments about the progress.

As the days, weeks, and months pass by, I've never seen great changes.  The case of over-familiarity that I will always understand the circumstances despite of the shortcomings is becoming more and more obvious.  More and more that I experience disrespect because the more that I give time and understanding, the more that my time isn't valued at all.

People change.  Circumstances change.  As the saying goes, "The only permanent in this world is change," be ready for whatever changes that we will encounter, though most of the time the change that we are expecting is not the pleasant one.  This is the time that we must prepare ourselves because the change may either cause hindrance or growth in our lives.  We must be wise enough to discern if the change is worth holding on or releasing it.

I also tried to evaluate myself why things are getting worse: did I do something to hurt other people?  Am I not being fair?  Am I becoming so demanding?  Am I becoming unrealistic?  Am I inconsiderate?  I also got confused trying to find some answers on these questions.

I guess all people will finally reach his/her end point, although some may say that the end point might come a little bit late because too much hurt has been said and done.  Some may say that the end point will just come in the right time and opportunity when the 'keyword' has been said by the other party.

At this point, letting go is now hard to do.

It's okay to be sad about the process.  It's okay to cry about it for a while.  It's okay to be hurt because the time has come to finally let go.

While you're hurting, take this time to reflect and think of the next move that you have to do with your life.  Life must go on.  Do not dwell so much of what happened in the past; take this opportunity to grow and to find new ways to improve the situation.

However, on letting go, try to also remember the good things that you had together.  Forget the pain and bank more on the happy memories.  Forgive yourself and have a graceful exit.  Ask the Lord to give you peace and comfort.

The Lord allows us to feel hurt and pain because He wants us to draw near to Him during these times.  Man will always fail us, but the Lord will always comfort us and leads us away from the things that causes pain in our lives.  We must always put our trust in God because when we feel hurt, that is the time that the Lord is also telling us that it is okay to lose something because He is giving us something new in our lives.

Let us fix our eyes to Him.  The Lord has the best plans for us.  We may not understand it at the moment, but time will come that we will realize that He is just preparing the way for us, leading us to something big.  

I know the Lord has great plans for my life.  I know the Lord is teaching me something in this process.  I know the Lord will replace what was lost with something great.  I know that the Lord will always be there no matter what.

Letting go is hard to do, but with the Lord, letting go is just His way of telling us, "My child, I am preparing something big for you, do not worry about the things that you will be losing, but fix your eyes on Me because I will replace it with something greater."